Thanks for North Kyushu heavy rain disaster fund-raising and report

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all of you suffered damage by this North Kyushu heavy rain disaster. In addition, for restoration support to people suffered from, we express sincere appreciation for all of Mitsukoshi Isetan group who had you cooperate with store donation.

In Mitsukoshi Isetan group, we carried out North Kyushu disaster donation activity at 70 stores (including MI plaza, small store, store of Queens Isetan) of the whole country until August 15, 2017.

Furthermore, in Iwataya Mitsukoshi, we carried out taking the damage situation into consideration continuously until July 12, 2018.

Including donation that had you carry out donation put by warm support from all of you who came and cooperation during period by continuously in Iwataya Mitsukoshi, it was 1,434,631 yen in the whole group. We thank all of you who had you cooperate with sincere thanks.

We donated donation of your kindness to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Donation is made use of for support of stricken area through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

We pray soul of people that it was gone by disaster may rest in peace, and Mitsukoshi Isetan group all members wish you speedy revival of all of you of stricken area.

<about contribution of North Kyushu heavy rain disaster contribution>

1.Store donation contribution a total of 1,434,631 yen

2.The contribution Japanese Red Cross Society