About contribution by stricken area reconstruction aid campaign of Japan Department Stores Association Kumamoto earthquake

"Kumamoto earthquake" reconstruction aid charity

In Japan Department Stores Association, association participation department store participated from August, 2016 and developed stricken area reconstruction aid campaign of Kumamoto earthquake.

Commencing with the profit total amount of "charity goods of department store original Kumamon" which we sold in department stores of the whole country, we were provided through other charity event
[a total of 18,344,463 yen]

Kumamoto "2016 Kumamoto Earthquake contribution" 17,017,223 yen
Oita "April, 2016 Earthquake Oita victim contribution" 1,327,240 yen

As we donated this to Kumamoto and Oita that are disaster area, we report.
We offer my gratitude for support of customer deeply. Thank you very much for cooperating.

December, 2016 


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