Use color color M eye Cards addition

M eye Cards addition is advantageous Cards which point collects so as to use if we use a lot.

Point rate improves by the amount of shopping in 1 Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store.
It is less than one article of 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) and attaches 1% point at the time of the use such as food, restaurant. 5% (basics), 8% (amount of annual purchase 300,000 yen of the previous year or more), 10% (amount of annual purchase 1 million yen of the previous year or more) ※It is point rate per amount of use 100 yen (tax-excluded).
※Some brand-name products, sale grades become point privilege exclusion product.
Purchase of 2 department store presents bonus point in the above 2 million yen a year (tax-included).
We attach up to 25,000 points of bonus point with customer with 2 million yen a year (tax-included) or more amount of purchase in Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store. The annual amount of purchase (tax-included) and bonus point: 2 million yen or more → 10,000 points, 3 million yen or more → 15,000 points, 5 million yen or more → 25,000 points
With mile and point of 3 M eyes point and partner company can change.
We can change M eye point for mile and JTB travel point of JAL mileage bank, ANA mileage club.

The "M eye Cards addition" enrollment is this ▶

How to save, usage of M eye point

Save: We save in various shops!

[in Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store]
5.8.10% point privilege

※It is less than one article of 3,000 yen (tax-excluded), and food attaches 1% point.

[in domestic and foreign member shops]

It is 0.5% point privilege by the use of domestic and foreign Visa participation shops, American Express Card participation shop

※1% of Golden Card is the points ※It is point rate per amount of use 100 yen (tax-included).

Use: It is just usable at cash register!

It is just usable as one point of = 1 yen from the next shopping at cash register in Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store.

Confirmation method of M eye point that we saved

The number of M eye points that we saved can confirm even purchase receipt and Web other than the monthly use details.

We confirm with receipt

Point guidance column is added to the receipt lower berth.

We confirm in Web

We can confirm point information in real time when we do subscribing (free). Inquiry of point information, exchange procedure with mile for Cards you have, convenient function including advantageous campaign information are various sites. In addition, point information can confirm even <Web M eye Cards member service> and registration of <M eye Cards application>.

About other privileges

It is more advantageous if we use in families! "Family Cards" which is usable to four people

"Family Cards" which is usable to four families except contractor (the person).
The use of family is added to the amount of purchase a year, too and is shortcut to point rate up in the next year.

A lot of things that are advantageous when we know besides are ...

  1. M eye point collects in main commercial facilities of 1 Tenjin!
    By Tenjin underground shopping center, SORA rear plaza, Tenjin Core, imuzu, commercial facilities such as vioro, the use in Visa participation shop, payment of utilities, M eye point collects!
  2. 2 annual fees are free in the first year, and family Cards is much free!
    Family Cards is annual fee for free to four families after the second year!
  3. It is advantageous and does shopping in Mitsukoshi Isetan group of 3 various parts of Japan
    Shinjuku Isetan, Ginza Mitsukoshi, the north to Marui Imai. Point collects at your point rate anytime in Mitsukoshi Isetan group!
  4. Point collects for payment of 4 online stores!
    Point collects at your point rate when expected to pay in M eye Cards addition when it is bought in Iwataya Mitsukoshi online store! (there is product excluding partly)
  5. Under 5 "easily receipt service" enforcement!
    We can receive product of purchase in Iwataya salon of Iwataya Kurume and neighborhood in Iwataya Head Office, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi. ※There is the outside targeted for cool product, gold notes, a part including breakables.

The "M eye Cards addition" enrollment is this ▶

M eye point is double! The use in Tenjin underground shopping center or Nishitetsu commercial facilities is advantageous.

M eye point of 1 point usually collects per place, 100 yen of 1 point per 200 yen when you use M eye Cards addition at the following target store. Please use M eye Cards addition.

  • ※Golden Card is the use except the following target store, but saves one point per 100 yen.
  • ※There is store, product excluding partly. For more details, please confirm at the use store.

Target store

List of target stores