<announcement of food shopping bag and plastic shopping bag abolition>


 Iwataya Mitsukoshi with departmental order revision of container packing Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources of relationships,

We abolish food shopping bag and plastic shopping bag sequentially from Wednesday, July 1.

 Iwataya Mitsukoshi assumes, "they tie sustainable society, the times" one of the emphasis approaches,

For the purpose of "gross restraint of resources" that plastic and paper included triggered by this revision,

We abolish distribution of food shopping bag and plastic shopping bag sequentially.

 In addition, we had durability and original compact bag and strength in place of shopping bag in food floor

We suggest paid paper shopping bag newly.


We will aim with customer so that "the use and durability walk of my bag" become standard lifestyle.


[original compact bag]

900 yen (tax-included)

Size (about W460 X H370 X D100mm), with inside pocket, storing hook. About 17 L in capacity


Shopping bag made of Mitsukoshi pay


[paid shopping bag]

※We sell for the time being, but plan the sale end in the future because it is aimed for "gross restraint of resources".

One piece of 4 yen (tax-included)


[shopping bag made of Mitsukoshi]

Large size: 50 yen (tax-included) small size: 30 yen (tax-included)


Shopping bag made of Mitsukoshi pay


※The FSCⓇ certification: In conformity with FSC(ForestStewardship CouncilⓇ which is international non profit organization, standard of Forest Stewardship Council), we show that we were accepted saying "raw materials which are at low risk of environmental society-like problems such as deforestation or illegal felling take responsibility and are recruited and are used".


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